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note ____ is where you fill in the blank, also I can not spell so just try to read, also note that the main idea of this story is based off my life, im latterly allergic to life, medicine, coffee, sushi, I could spend the entire day telling you all the tings I am allergic to

when we were last was when you found out that Baymax would have to spend all day, everyday of your life with you. Hiro and Baymax went back home to make a second Baymax so you could take him with you every where u go. You were just waiting for them to return now because you were excited to have your own Baymax.

"Where are they?" you ask your self while you were anxiously waiting to see Baymax again.

Hiro and Baymax arrived at the hospital, carrying a weird red case on wheels. Hiro turns to Baymax
"Are you excited to see _____ again today?"

Bayax turns ands says
"I am a robot I do not feel excited"

Hiro figured Baymax would give an awser like than. Baymax didn't express himself that much and that's just how he is. Baymax just cared more for everyone else then himself.

When they reached ______ room they knocked. You were so excited that you nearly fell out of the bed. Then you composed yourself and open the door.

"Oh hi guys, come on in." you say gesturing for them to come in

Hiro says hi and Baymax says hello

"So? where's Baymax number 2?" you ask beary able to contain your excitement
Hiro spins around the carrier case, Hes in here.

*time skip after blowing up and meeting Baymax 2*

"So from today on you will be with me forever." you say finishing explaining

"Please rate your pain?" ask the Baymax 2

"Currently zero" you say. You turn to Hiro and ask "Can you guys wait here for a sec I gotta change out of this stupid hospital outfit?"

"Sure we can wait" Hiro says.You run off to change cloths

Baymax 2 grabs your suitcase

"I hope _____ will be able to live a happy life with Baymax 2" Hiro says to Baymax

"I concur" Baymax replies

You come running back with a cute outfit on.
"Time to take life saving medicine" Baymax 2 makes you a bottle and you take it with a scrunched up face.

"So frank made it so that I could ride the airplane later today but he is support to drive me there soon." you explain

"That's great! now you can go back to Canamerica. You can be with family and life a normal life."Hiro says now says just as exited as you.

Baymax 2 says " I will go back to my carrier when we get on the plan"
the idea suddenly comes up of Baymax squished between 2 rows and letting out air, you cant help but giggle

Baymax and you start to head out of the hospital. The air feels nice of your face, now that you can breath. Frank takes you to the airport and you leave but just before you get in the car you run over to Baymax and Hiro and give them a big hug

"Thank you. You guys saved me life. I will never forget you for this." both Baymaxs hug you and Hiro together

"Baymax sandwich" Hiro says, you laugh

you leave and through the window you wave goodbye to Baymax and Hiro

*time skip to about a year after you left*

Hiro and Baymax are alone in the garage trying to come up with an idea for a new invention. When Hiro starts to remember you and says

"I wonder how _____ and Baymax 2 are doing?"

"They are enjoying themselves and having a great time." Baymax replies

"How would you know that?" Hiro asks spinning around in his chair to look at Baymax

"Baymax 2 has the same scanner I have so I linked our scanners to I see what he sees"

Hiro jumps out of his chair now excited "Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"You didn't ask about it" Baymax replies

"Well how are they now?" Hiro asks

"Well _____ takes baymax 2 with her everywhere, they do many things even though ______ does not need care anymore. ______ does thing like go swimming with Baymax 2 and using him to float in summer."

Hiro giggles at the idea. Baymax continues

"They watch movies in fall. They go and heal people in hospitals in spring.For some reason in winter _____ will jump out into a snow pile with some cloths on, come into the house and yell "OW" only to then jump on Baymax 2 and warm up."

Hiro was laughing so hard now he was nearly crying

"Oh man that's smart. I should do that."

Baymax looks at Hiro "Are you ill?"

Hiro laughs and responds "no, I'm just insane."

Hiro and Baymax later find a way to contact you. Hiro and you would have long talks through the Baymax monitors so it was really cool. One year Hiro planed to come see you in your home country. The communication never stopped. Hiro and you talked about Baymax more than anything. You loved being with Baymax. You took him with you everywhere even though you didn't need to.

You keep Baymax with you everyday. You were happier then ever.
baymax x reader part 5
part 4-…
part 5- you are here
no more parts that's the end
hope you liked it

pokemon x and y freind codes exchange

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 3:26 PM

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PKMN lover
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please add all 3 and tell me ur name, safari and that u pluged in my code
please and thank u


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